Top 3 Tips for Bearded Dragon Care

Owning a bearded dragon isn’t just having a pet, it’s meeting a new member of your family. That means showing your beard dragon the best care is expected, like rolling out the good china for Aunt Linda. Alright, alright- your new beardie might not require the finest tea cups, but he or she does need the best supplies and habitat you can offer it. has the expertise and the selection to back up our wish of “Making Dragons Better” Here are a few tips for things to pay attention to when caring for your new lizard friend.



  • Food, food, food. Bearded dragons are like just like us. They have cravings, favorite foods and sometimes need their vitamins in the morning. Bearded Dragons are omnivores and require a varied yet structured diet. Depending on where they are in the life cycle they may require more of less of some supplements as well. Click on our links to learn about the food and supplement options we have available. The number one way to be an expert at with bearded dragon care is too pay attention to their nutritional needs from day one.


  • First Aid, could be cute right? Buying tiny little band aids with Godzilla on them for a skinned dragon knee. However, bearded dragon care is much more complicated. Luckily has made it easy for beginners. Not only do we have a great selection of antiseptics, ointments, and syringes- but we have put together a First Aid Kit for your home. It contains just enough of everything you might need for most emergency situations with you dragon. Check it out!


  • Cleanliness is next to dragoness…well something like that. Keep you dragon and its environment clean! There is no other way to say this. Dragons will poop, food will spill (or escape)- that’s life. You as our brave and responsible bearded dragon owner will of course show the utmost care in making sure your lizard is free from parasites and not coated in their own poo. We carry a wide variety of cleaners, disinfectants and brushes.


These are just a few things to make note of as a new dragon owner. has what you need to make it an easy and enjoyable process. Check out the website or contact us with questions. We can service your reptile needs anywhere in the country and are slowly expanding to be available in the rest of the world. Take advantage of our expertise today!

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