Liquid Toltrazuril Coccidiocide 2.5%

Liquid Toltrazuril Coccidiocide 2.5%

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25mg/mL strength is 2.5% and is much easier to dose for animals under 50 grams.

Please read this before giving any medications How to Read a Syringe !

2.5% 25mg/mL Liquid Toltrazuril Coccidiocide for babies and smaller reptiles!  This is a revolutionary product that is effective in eliminating coccidia in one to two doses, yet is safer and more effective than Albon.  No more scary side effects or need for excessive fluid and beneficial bacterial therapy.

Great for treatment of baby bearded dragons, geckos, chameleons, and all other small reptiles needing treatment for coccidia.

Comes in 2mL, 5mL, 10mL, 15mL with easy dose tip and a 1cc oral dosing syringe.

The suspension has almost no flavor and taste like slightly sweet water.   It is also thin enough to inject into bugs with a needle syringe.

How does it work?  The active substances in this medicine interfere with the enzymes needed for coccidia to breathe.  As a result, it is able to kill the parasites at all stages.  Also effective against roundworms.

2.5% Toltrazuril Suspension 25mg per mL

The best way to fight coccidia is by prevention.  To help prevent coccidia from infecting your animal,  always remove poop as soon as possible.  Never feed in any environment where poop is present, not even small particles.  Do not allow any animals to eat live bugs that have been hiding in a cage where particles of poop may be present.  Do not put any live feeders back in with the others once it has been in any animals cage.  Even dust from poop can have coccidia eggs in it, dispose of all uneaten feeders that have been in any cage over 20 minutes.  Coccidia kills the cells that line the intestines and can be fatal if left untreated.

Cut tip of bottle at line so syringe fits tightly, tip upside down to dispense dose.

Shake well before use.

Quick Dose Calculation Chart Included

 Shelf life is approximately 2 years when unflavored.  Use within 6 months if flavoring is added.  Flavoring contains propylene glycol and stevia.

2.5% Toltrazuril Dose Chart
Contains 2.5% Toltrazuril at 25mg/mL. To calculate proper dosage, multiply animals weight in kg  (grams x .001) X dosage (20mg) in mg/kg, then divide by concentration of 25 mg/mL.
(((gm x .001)x20)\25)

25mg/mL dosed at @ 20mg/kg

Weight Grams Dose cc/mL
Treatment Schedule 1
10 0.01
Give one dose of 20mg/kg orally
15 0.01
every 24 hours for 1 or 2 days, give fecal exam.
20 0.02

25 0.02
Treatment Schedule 2 - Very High Counts
30 0.02
Give one dose of 20mg/kg per day for three days
35 0.03
give fecal exam, repeat in 1 week if necessary
40 0.03

45 0.04
it is always good practice to give extra fluids when on any medication and to replenish good bacteria with probiotics daily.
50 0.04

55 0.04

60 0.05

65 0.05

70 0.06

75 0.06
To preven reinfestation of coccidia, always maintain a clean environment.
80 0.06

85 0.07
Remove feces as soon as possible

90 0.07
Clean enclosure and contents by soaking in 10% bleach
95 0.08
for 15 minutes and baking in oven 200º for 10 minutes
100 0.08
Keep dragon on paper towels or newspaper, change daily
105 0.08
Do not feed insects where feces is present 
110 0.09
Never feed live insects that have been left in a cage
115 0.09
Dispose of all insects that have been near feces
120 0.10

125 0.10

130 0.10

135 0.11
Coccidia is spread by ingestion of feces or infected tissue
140 0.11
A healthy immune system will keep coccidia levels low

Coccidia are intercellular parasites which live and grow within the cell lining of the intestinal tract. They enter the cells of the intestine, then destroy them while releasing thousands of spores to invade even more cells. 

Does not need refrigeration. Use by August 2013 of for best effectiveness.
If flavored, may contain stevia & natural flavoring.